Quality Assurance Overview

The QA images allocated to you will be randomly selected so will be different from those seen by the other echocardiographers in your department. Most images will be a single moving 2D clip but other modalities may be included such as stills of M-mode or Doppler recordings. These single images are not equivalent to a full echo study or a BSE exam question. Instead they are designed to interrogate a discrete area of your general echo knowledge. So, although in clinical practice you usually use several views for quantification, if the image demonstrates criteria for 'severe', the correct answer will be 'severe'. Obviously, in a real clinical case you would confirm the finding in other ways. There are no trick questions, so take them at 'face value'. You have 10 minutes to answer each case by clicking on the best multiple choice answer. You can answer the questions on separate occasions but once you have started a question it must be submitted within 10 minutes. If you would like to view the images using full screen click on the '][' symbol on the bottom right of the image

The questions are automatically marked using a traffic light system. A 'green' answer is correct. An 'amber' answer is not quite right but not a serious error. A 'red' answer is considered a mistake. Your results will be sent to the QA lead in your department to share with you. If you receive a 'red' result your QA lead will need to discuss the question with you and take appropriate action such as addressing any training issues. During pilot work we found that most 'reds' were scored by users rushing through the module and not reading the questions carefully. So we recommend that you find a few minutes away from your clinical area where you can concentrate without disturbance.

If you lose access to a question during your answer (for example if your computer crashes) you will still be able to continue with the question as long as it is within 10 minutes of starting it. If there is a more serious problem and you cannot immediately regain access please contact dept@bsecho.org for the question to be reset for you.

You have one month to complete all five questions.

If you, or your QA lead, have concerns or queries about a question or about the process please email us on dept@bsecho.org . This is an innovative and unique approach to echo QA so we are especially keen to receive your feedback: both positive and negative.